Charles Aznavour | Sydney’s 2CH

The longest standing “A list” star

Internationally known, Charles Aznavour is an author, singer-songwriter-composer, an actor, and an ambassador.

The son of Armenian immigrants struggled against all the odds to launch his singing career in France. Aznavour is a unique singer and songwriter who is famous for his tenor voice.

He is inspiring by his passion for music as an international last standing star and very well known for his powerful on-stage charisma and incredible willpower.

During the 70 years of his career, he wrote over 800 and recorded over 1200 songs, sang in 8 languages, appeared in over 70 movies, wrote many books and sold more than 180 million records across the world. His poetry and the feelings that he conveys with the right words moves and reaches across all the generations!


Saturday 24th June 2017

Hordern Pavilion

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