2CH Secret Sound | Sydney’s 2CH

2CH Secret Sound.

Can you guess our Secret Sound? If you think you know what it is be listening weekdays to Gareth McCray at 7:15 and Ian Rogerson at 3:15 for your chance to win the cash jack pot ……

The Secret Sound jackpot grows every day that it’s not identified.

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2CH – Recent Secret Sound Guesses.

Opening or closing a lift door
Pulling off the hose on a vacuum cleaner
Removing a plastic lid on a bottle
Shaking a sachet of sugar
Putting a Jacket on a table
Dropping a phone book on the floor
Flicking or fanning a deck of cards
Pulling the seal from a box of chocolates
Flicking the peg on a chocolate wheel
Ripping carpet from the floor
Squeezing a child’s toy
Walking with a walking stick
Striking a match
Flicking a sun visa in the car
The 2CH Birthday Wheel stopping
Squeezing a tube of tomato sauce
Putting a DVD in
Squeezing tooth paste tube
Closing the top freezer door
Taking a bite from an apple
Closing the lid on a piano
Opening a brief case
Taking your foot out of a boot
Car GPS alert tone
Letting air out of a balloon
Stapling two pieces of paper together
Changing the blade in a razor
Floor rug being dusted
Wiping feet on the door mat / bathroom mat
Shop assistant tearing off a receipt
Closing a car door or car boot
Dropping a pile of cement on the ground
Squirting a can of whipped cream
Sitting on a whoopy cushion
Separating egg yolk and egg white
Starting a car engine

Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.