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donna lynch

Donna started on radio in the Snowy Mountains of NSW and has also worked in Canberra and Brisbane, working in all areas of the media from TV and Press to Radio, she has hosted a children’s TV show in Canberra, worked for Channel 9 in Brisbane as a reporter for a lifestyle program and was one of the original hosts on the Queensland edition of the Footy show.

Donna has interviewed everyone from Phil Collins to Barry Gibb and Charlton Heston and Spike Milligan, TV stars and some of our biggest sporting stars.  (a varied bunch)  A very exciting part of my life where you never fail to pinch yourself.

Donna spends a lot of time hosting various charity luncheons and sporting and shopping centre events.  Not only hosting these events but also organising them as she gets a great thrill out of raising money for great causes especially the Childrens Hospital.  Donna is a keen rugby league supporter and spends a lot of time with family at the beach and planning that next getaway.