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Jukebox Easy Classics Music Weekend

Jukebox Easy Classics Music Weekend Before mp3 players, music streaming and digital downloads… The best way to hear new music sounds was on a jukebox. Put a coin in the slot and get ready to dance! This Saturday & Sunday, Sydney’s 2CH is playing a weekend of...

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Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age

Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age. To celebrate the opening of Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney's 2CH is offering you the chance to win 1 of 5 double passes valued at $48 each. The exhibition features outstanding works of art by...

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Win tickets to the Bryan Brown Theatre

Win tickets to the Bryan Brown Theatre Thanks to the Bryan Brown Theatre we have some amazing double passes to be won, including double passes to The Tenors United & The Australian King of Rockabilly, Lonnie Lee. To win these awesome tickets all you have to do is...

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“Beautiful – The Carole King Musical” Review

“Beautiful – The Carole King Musical” On Friday night I saw a preview of “Beautiful” – the Carole King Musical. While we all know a lot of Carole King’s music I think the show will surprise you. Just thinking about the number of Billboard Top 100 Hits that she’s...

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Titanic The Exhibition

Titanic The Exhibition Be listening to Ian Rogerson all this week for your chance to WIN 1 of 5 Family Passes to Titanic The...

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Weekdays 7.40am

The best way to wake up in the morning is with 2CH Breakfast.

Each weekday morning Gareth McCray gives you the chance to play the 2CH $1,000 Minute.

Listen in each morning at 7.40

  • 60 seconds
  • 10 questions
  • $10 for every correct answer
  • $1,000 if all 10 questions are answered correctly

Weekdays 7.15am and 3.15pm

Lend us your ears!

Starting at $500, the Secret Sound jackpot now grows by $50 every day that it’s not identified.

Play Monday to Friday, early with Gareth McCray in Breakfast, and again in Drive with Ian Rogerson.

Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.