2CH Secret Sound

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2CH Secret Sound

Can you guess our Secret Sound? If you think you know what it is be listening weekdays to Gareth McCray at 7:15 and Ian Rogerson at 3:15 for your chance to win the cash jack pot ……

The Secret Sound jackpot grows every day that it’s not identified, starting at $500.
Congratulations to Brett of St Mary’s guessing the secret sound and winning the $7550 jackpot!!

Thanks to the bathroom renovation experts Diploma Bathrooms, call Diploma for a free renovation quote on 96 29 27 33

Can you guess the latest Secret Sound


2CH – Recent Secret Sound Guesses.

Slicing a Cabbage
Automatic Teller Machine
Putting a card into a wallet
Stripping cement
Pulling the plug in the bath
Using a nail file
Wiping your hands
Opening a soft drink
Screwing a cap on a car tyre valve
Having a shave with a blade
Adjusting the time on a clock
Shoe shuffle dancing
Using a feather duster
Using a lint roller
Starting a car with a flat battery
Wiping your feet on a door mat
Walking on sand
Putting down wet cement on bricks
Ice skating
Hand held wood plane
Tearing pages from a magazine
Picking up marbles with a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning the BBQ
Replacing batteries in a radio
Biting an apple
Feeding wire through conduit
Raking up leaves
An insect eating
Using a food processor
Putting an attachment onto a garden hose
A horse eating
Polishing shoes
Branches rubbing on a tree
Cutting paper with scissors
Billiard cue being chalked
Using an aerosol spray
Playing drums with brushes
Cleaning your teeth
Opening a brown paper bag
An in-sink dispenser
Tearing pages of a book or newspaper
Opening an egg carton
Undoing Velcro on shoes
Brushing with a clothing brush
Shovelling ash out of a fire
Walking on snow in snow boots
Slicing a coconut
Cutting a lettuce
Pulling venetian blinds
Sharpening a knife
Grating a carrot
Box cutter
Brushing hair
Biting toast and chewing
Salt and pepper grinding
Manual lawn mower
Brushing a horse
Grating cheese
Peeling a potato
Chalk on a chalkboard
Twisting a cork screw
Opening a tin of pet food
Cutting fabric
Stepping on gravel
Cutting a cauliflower or broccoli
Scaling or gutting a fish
Dog eating its dinner
Biting into an apple
Getting a match from a box
Using a broom
Chopping and grating an onion
Squeezing a lemon
Rubbing a coin on a grater
Cutting a pineapple
Flattening a cardboard box
Scratching your hair

Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.

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