WIN an $18,800 cruise to Tahiti thanks to Ultimate Cruising

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WIN an $18,800 cruise to Tahiti thanks to Ultimate Cruising

How would you like to WIN an $18,800 cruise to Tahiti thanks to Ultimate Cruising?!

To WIN simply register below and be listening to Sydney’s 2CH to see if you’re one of the lucky 30 winners to WIN a $200 boarding pass to be used for a twin share cruise holiday and then on Monday 29th of October the major prize will be drawn with one lucky finalist WINNING the $18,800 cruise thanks to Ultimate Cruising!


The Marquesas, some 1400 kilometres north east of Tahiti, have entranced western explorers, artists, travellers and dreamers for almost four hundred years, while the native Polynesians have made it their home for around 2000 years.

The amazing scenery, fashioned from the Earth’s own fiery ingredients and thrust into the middle of the Pacific Ocean will enthral and mesmerize visitors. However, the ancient customs, energetic enthusiastic dancing, magnificent arts and crafts may distract passengers occasionally as they travel among these remote islands aboard Aranui 5. The most modern and comfortable vessel to ply the combined passenger and freight route here among the six inhabited islands in this archipelago.

There are very few wharves or docks out here, the ship stands off shore and the amazingly skilled local seamen load and unload the freight onto a couple sturdy barges. The drill is similar for everyone aboard. Tenders are dropped into the water from the ship and passengers jump on board with the aid of these heavily tattooed Polynesian seamen.

Just 254 passengers travel aboard Aranui 5, small enough to offer an intimate and personalised experience. Passengers will enjoy fresh local produce, fish and seafood as part of their daily dining experience aboard, along with a complimentary wine for lunch and dinner whilst aboard. After the evening meal, there’s entertainment in the bar, when Aranui’s crew get together with ukuleles and guitars for an evening of impromptu singing and dancing.

The Marquesas Islands have always attracted inquisitive and fertile minds; thinkers and dreamers, artists and academics, explorers, romantics and adventurers.  No matter what, passengers will find the onboard lecturers and guides overflowing with information and history on this fascinating destination. There are lecturers and seminars scheduled almost every day with experts in their respective fields to help with this immersive and thorough Polynesian experience.

For your further enjoyment, on the return journey to Tahiti, the ship will visit two of the better-known islands in French Polynesia – Rangiroa and Bora Bora.

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