2CH Official Charity is Sydney’s Homeless

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2CH Official Charity is Sydney’s Homeless

We are committed to the homeless sleeping on the streets of Sydney and to raising much needed funds to assist them. 

This September 2CH is dedicated to raise funds for Wounded Heroes Australia. (Sydney) 

Our new Appeal for Sydney’s homeless is for our War veterans who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korean, Gulf, and East Timor.

There is no magic fix for our Veterans on Sydney streets. Our Aussie veterans were willing to put their lives on the line for our country but now one wants to take any responsibility for their welfare on return.

Former armed forces personnel end up being homeless and suffer mental health issues must be given co-ordinated assistance and support.
This is where we come in… To raise money to assist in housing, feeding and look after our homeless veterans.

2CH will actively raise funds and awareness. Wounded Heroes Australia.

Classic Hits 2CH need your help to raise much needed funds to support our Veterans sleeping on the on the streets and in their cars….. suffering alone suffering PTSS. The suicide rate is too high amongst our veterans.

Every cent/ dollar you donate goes directly to our War veterans via Wounded Heroes Australia.

Donate now.


Phone: 1300 853 080

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