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Hosted by Tim Webster.

I am inviting you to join me on my next tour – this time to romantic Rajasthan in northern India. ASIAQUEST TOURS has organised an 18-day Palaces and Castles itinerary for us, departing in March 2020. Once again, it represents unbeatable value at an allinclusive price that includes all your meals, transfers, flights, sightseeing tours and tipping!

I have never been to India but I have it on good authority that the best introduction to the subcontinent is the desert kingdom of Rajasthan. Why so? Well, what’s not to love about a land where the cities are described by their colours, where moustachioed men in fluorescent turbans decorate their camels and where magical maharajahs’ palaces float on every hilltop?
Where else can you enjoy the luxury of staying in converted palaces, hunting lodges and heritage properties owned by the royal families of Rajasthan?

But our itinerary also covers the Golden Triangle – an imaginary line linking Delhi, Jaipur and Agra – known for some of the most famous monuments in India and in the world. So, if India is on your bucket list, or if you have a keen sense of curiosity and a spirit of discovery, then join me on this amazing tour in March 2020!

For more information download the brochure here

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