Sleep health and hygiene today is more important than ever before!

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Sleep health and hygiene today is more important than ever before!

Right now, hygiene is more important than ever.
You might be stocking up on hand sanitizers and disinfectants, but have you considered your sleep hygiene?

Spinaleze – is currently experiencing a surge in demand in the wake of this unprecedented VIRAL pandemic.

These pillows are antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, and dust mite resistant…especially suited for asthma suffers who when their airways become inflamed find it difficult to breath…

The Spinaleze pillow are made right here in Australia, every week to meet demand and delivery is free.

Spinaleze is made here in Australia with strict quality control guidelines and approved certification….. comprehensively assessed for its impact on human health and awarded the GECA certification

The Spinaleze pillow ticks all the boxes … researched , designed and engineered to support the muscles and joints in the neck right through to it being antimicrobial

I don’t think there is any other pillow in the world that has met such strict standards and is achieving the same results in giving a good nights, restful and healthier sleep for someone

I like to call the Spinaleze pillow “a complete neck support system” rather than just a pillow , just calling it a pillow does not do it justice !

Both Trevor and Tim sleep on one of Mo’s pillows and are happy to endorse the same.

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