Family Secrets – Book Review

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Family Secrets by Liz Byrski - Pan Macmillan


Family Secrets – Book Review

With thirteen non-fiction works and nine novels Liz Byrski is one of those rare writers that cater to most readers. With a background in journalism and broadcasting, her voice and those of her characters have found a real niche in Australia’s commercial fiction genre.

In Family Secrets you meet the Hawkins, an average and typical Tasmanian family; Gerald, his wife Connie, as well as the respective families of their grown children Andrew and Kerry. After a long battle with illness, Gerald, a domineering and controlling figure, passes away. And as Connie, Andrew and Kerry come to terms with their relief, guilt, loss and love, they each embark on their own journeys to reclaim themselves; free from Gerald’s suffocating influence.

A refreshing read about the complexities of a family that has grown up but not necessarily moved on. Loss, grief and dealing with second chances. Nothing is simple and Family Secrets plays out in brilliant, believable drama.

Review by Jacq Ellem xx

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