Into the Blue – Book Review

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Into the Blue – Book Review

Let me introduce you to Harry Bennett. He’s a bit of a waster, in fact he’s utterly flawed; living in exile, disgraced and reduced to looking after a friend’s villa on the island of Rhodes. He bumbles about, tends bar and has his world twist in on itself when a knock on the door reveals a guest.

Heather is young, gregarious and full of life, so when Heather goes missing, Harry is the first person under suspicion; not just for her disappearance, but he becomes the sole suspect in her alleged murder. Faced with this, Harry starts his own investigation and it grows in to an obsession. He feels he has to solve the mystery in order to clear his name, aided by nothing except a set of photos taken by Heather prior to vanishing. Back he goes to England, and back to his past. Snippets and glimpses will make themselves apparent, but you really have to be on your toes, to piece it all together!

There’s something just so compelling about the way Robert Goddard writes. It’s not necessarily the combination of a great mystery and an anti-hero, or the fact that Goddard leads the field when it comes to the Mystery genre… Into the Blue will have you guessing and puzzling, and thoroughly enjoying the chase!

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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