The Ice Princess – Book Review

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The Ice Princess – Book Review

Picking up the pieces after her parent’s sudden death, Biographer Erica Falck returns to her childhood home and memories. Packing up her parents lives, and having to face her awful brother-in-law are just a fraction of what she has to struggle with, when she discovers the body of an old friend frozen in an ice cold bath, with her wrists slashed.

While trying to come to grips with the discovery, and reminiscing about their lost friendship, Erica finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into an old mystery involving more than few acquaintances. Along with local detective Patrik Hedstrom they continue to unearth deeply disturbing truths and the small town will never be the same.

Have you been reading too many Scandinavian Crime Thrillers? There’s something about them that lures you again and again… It could be the complexity that doesn’t hit you until the final page, or the fact it makes for great reading on a cold evening. Either way if you’ve dabbled your toes, it’s time to jump in. Original with just as many twists and turns, it is wonderfully refreshing to read about an investigating police officer who isn’t an alcoholic, nor musically obsessed. In fact he appears quite normal, if only that could be said for the victim, or the crime!

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Review by Jacq Ellem xx

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