The Tea Rose- Book Review

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The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly - HarperCollins


The Tea Rose- Book Review

If you love your historical fiction, you won’t be able to put down The Tea Rose.

It’s an enthralling story that covers the complexities of family and fortune as it spans London and New York in the late 1800’s.

You follow Fiona Finnegan and Joe Bristow as two young dreamers in London’s notorious Whitechapel as they and their families struggle to make ends meet in the shadows of the notorious ‘Jack’ murders.

The Tea Rose is a brave tale, with enough action to draw you in and along; although the start is slow there’s a surprising depth that will have you spinning in the wake of the dramas they face.

Life is too fleeting; events change the course of the dreams completely within seconds and even the hardened reader will be charmed by the characters.

There is enough description to furnish the imagination, not overwhelm it, and while it may not be 100% historically accurate, it can be forgiven in a great storyline. Though I would be remiss not to mention that the language, at times, can be colourful and strong.

This is only the first in the sage of the Bristow and Finnegan fortunes and I hope that you too will be captivated.

Review by Jacq Ellem xx

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