The Wire In The Blood – Book Review

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The Wire In The Blood – Book Review

Getting inside the mind of a serial killer, profiling a murderer, it’s creepy yet morbidly fascinating, and I’ve always wondered how accurate the portrayals are. So when I asked a member of our Police Force, I was pointed in this direction. Not only for Val McDermid’s accuracy in procedure and workplace machinations, but for the style, the characters and the cases.

I remember the TV series – I was captivated – Yet this tale of crime and woe is a little gorier than I am used to reading, and a smidge more graphic. However, there’s a pertinent question to explore… How far do we as the public, protect our heroes? Especially in the light of the revelations coming out of Britain regarding TV personalities. Although this book predates the current situation by some years it’s a little spooky in comparison!

The Wire In The Blood is not a pretty tale, and at times there’s a tangible and underlying frustration of bureaucracy. But it’s brilliantly put together, and a perfect Summer read. I also have to admit, that being part a series, gives me more incentive to read and another new author to explore – which is half the fun when it comes to crime sagas… Although unlike other police procedural novels there’s not a music aficionado in sight!

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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