2CH Secret Sound

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2CH Secret Sound

Can you guess our Secret Sound? If you think you know what it is be listening weekdays to Indira Trevor at 7:15 and Ian Rogerson at 3:15 for your chance to win the cash jack pot ……

The Secret Sound jackpot grows every day that it’s not identified, starting at $500.

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Do you know what this sound is?

2CH – Recent Secret Sound Guesses.

Unlocking a door
Breaking sticks
Adjusting a hearing aid
Slicing on a board
Unlocking a padlock
Taking foil off the roll
Shuffling cards
Undoing a combination lock on a brief case
Writing on a blackboard and the chalk breaks
Stylus at the end of a record
A washing machine coming to the end of its cycle
Taking shoes on and off
Filing your toe nails
Rolling the numbers to lock a suitcase
Peeling a carrot
Record on a turntable
Removing a magnet from a fridge
Shaking or rubbing hands
An automatic chopping gadget
Sounds of scissors cutting hair
Using a computer mouse
Clipping finger nails
Turning a key in a lock and the keys bump each other
Cash coming out of an ATM
Clothes brush brushing clothes
Scratching a scratchy
Button rattling around in a washing machine
Slicing a piece of watermelon
Putting notes in a wallet
Brushing teeth
Using a lint roller
Cutting hair
A dog sniffing and then clicking your fingers
Cracking a whip
Squeezing a detergent bottle into water
Replacing staples in a stapler
Pulling pulling a retractable house out
Removing staples with a staple remover
Moving files in a filing cabinet
End of a movie reel turning over and over
Rubbing you hands together and cracking your knuckles
Clipping hair with scissors
Washing your hands
Opening a chocolate bar and breaking a piece off
Using a stapling machine
Someone putting on socks or stockings
Rubbing plastic bag an opening it
Scrubbing your finger nails with a brush
Settling into bed and switching off a bedside light
Pulling sticky tape through a dispenser and tearing it off
Clicking a pen up and down
Twisting a cap on a plastic bottle
Straightening paper and stapling together
Putting sweetener from a pack into tea
Indira crocheting!
Sliding a rubber band off a rolled up paper.
Using a gadget that clamps sheets of paper
Filing finger nails
Rubbing hand cream on your hands
Opening a combination lock on a safe
Using scissors without cutting anything
Pulling on rubber gloves
Rubbing your hands together to keep warm
Adjusting the date on a date stamp and then stamping a document
Rolling film into a camera
Using a hole punch
Using a gas lighter to ignite your home or camp stove
Using an old fashioned typewriter
Wiping your hands with a paper towel
Pressing the electronic ignition on a stove or heater
Sharpening a pencil
Scratching a scratchie
Adjusting walking stick
Unwrapping a Kit-Kat
Using an espresso machine
Sliding a bi-fold door closed and clipping it locked
Using an eraser on a piece of paper

Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.

CONGRATULATIONS SIMON!! Winner of the secret sound jackpot of $8550!! Listen below

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