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2CH Secret Sound

Can you guess our Secret Sound? If you think you know what it is be listening weekdays to Indira Trevor at 7:15 and Ian Rogerson at 3:15 for your chance to win the cash jack pot ……

The Secret Sound jackpot grows every day that it’s not identified, starting at $500.

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Do you know what this sound is?

2CH - Recent Secret Sound Guesses.

Unlocking a door
Breaking sticks
Adjusting a hearing aid
Slicing on a board
Unlocking a padlock
Taking foil off the roll
Shuffling cards
Undoing a combination lock on a brief case
Writing on a blackboard and the chalk breaks
Stylus at the end of a record
A washing machine coming to the end of its cycle
Taking shoes on and off
Filing your toe nails
Rolling the numbers to lock a suitcase
Peeling a carrot
Record on a turntable
Removing a magnet from a fridge
Shaking or rubbing hands
An automatic chopping gadget
Sounds of scissors cutting hair
Using a computer mouse
Clipping finger nails
Turning a key in a lock and the keys bump each other
Cash coming out of an ATM
Clothes brush brushing clothes
Scratching a scratchy
Button rattling around in a washing machine
Slicing a piece of watermelon
Putting notes in a wallet
Brushing teeth
Using a lint roller
Cutting hair
A dog sniffing and then clicking your fingers
Cracking a whip
Squeezing a detergent bottle into water
Replacing staples in a stapler
Pulling pulling a retractable house out
Removing staples with a staple remover
Moving files in a filing cabinet
End of a movie reel turning over and over
Rubbing you hands together and cracking your knuckles
Clipping hair with scissors
Washing your hands
Opening a chocolate bar and breaking a piece off
Using a stapling machine
Someone putting on socks or stockings
Rubbing plastic bag an opening it
Scrubbing your finger nails with a brush
Settling into bed and switching off a bedside light
Pulling sticky tape through a dispenser and tearing it off
Clicking a pen up and down
Twisting a cap on a plastic bottle
Straightening paper and stapling together
Putting sweetener from a pack into tea
Indira crocheting!
Sliding a rubber band off a rolled up paper.
Using a gadget that clamps sheets of paper
Filing finger nails
Rubbing hand cream on your hands
Opening a combination lock on a safe
Using scissors without cutting anything
Pulling on rubber gloves
Rubbing your hands together to keep warm
Adjusting the date on a date stamp and then stamping a document
Rolling film into a camera
Using a hole punch
Using a gas lighter to ignite your home or camp stove
Using an old fashioned typewriter
Wiping your hands with a paper towel
Pressing the electronic ignition on a stove or heater
Sharpening a pencil
Scratching a scratchie
Adjusting walking stick
Unwrapping a Kit-Kat
Using an espresso machine
Sliding a bi-fold door closed and clipping it locked
Using an eraser on a piece of paper
Wiping feet on mat
Writing with marker pen then putting lid on
Going through wallet
Using a Dymo label maker
Moving pieces of ice in a decanter
Turning off an airconditioner
Opening and closing a kitchen cupboard
Using a clothes brush
Little roulette wheel
Wrapping paper
Rubbing plastic bags
Counting paper money
Wiping your glasses with a cloth
Opening and closing a dishwasher
Electric Window
Park of Cards
Briefcase Opening 
Moving a mouse on a computer pad and then clicking it
Putting a hand into a washing up glove and snapping the fingers in place
Blowing into a freezer bag to open it
Using a hedge clipper
Using a scanner
Removing toilet paper from the roll
A car indicator whilst turning
Clipping your nails
Cleaning glasses and putting them back in a case
Dropping coins in a donation box
Tying a knot in a balloon
The end of a tap dance routine
Fitting a charger into a mobile phone
Salt and Pepper Shaker
Starting a BBQ
Rubber Gloves
Using an eraser on the end of a click pen
Opening a lock on a door
Using a hair straightener
Sliding a drawer shut on a desk
Sealing a snap lock bag
Entering a code and opening a safe
Putting on a belt and buckling it
Using nail nail clippers
Scraping burnt toast
Unfolding a folding umbrella
Putting on a watch and doing up the clasp
Sealing a padded post bag and stapling it
Flossing you teeth
Kneeding dough and cutting it
Unwrapping bubble wrap and popping it
Putting a butterfly on documents
Tearing toilet paper of a roll
Using a hand operated can opener
Setting off a mouse trap
Putting paper onto a clipboard
Polishing shoes
Pressing on and off a Bic pen
Brushing your feet
Slipping paper into a photo copier
Rubbing your hands and cracking your thumbs
Pushing Panadol our of a foil pack
Sorting mail
Sliding a zipper and unclipping it
Vintage lithograph click beetle
A pet using kitty litter
Undoing a mouse and replacing the batteries
Using a corking gun to squirt silicon 
Doing up shoelaces
Tap dancing
Pumping up football with hand pump
Tying up a garbage bag
Using a rubber on paper, flicking through the pages then stapling them.
Practicing chipping a golf ball
Balls hitting each other on a snooker table
A dog scratching itself
An almost empty hand pump soap dispenser
Tearing off a page from a notepad
Zipping up jacket
Plastic bag at supermarket
Licking ice cream
Fastening seat belt
Scissors at the hairdresser
Opening a milk or cream carton
Counting banknotes and putting a rubber band on them
Opening a childproof bottle
Using scissors to cut a chicken
Opening a blind
Hand towel dispenser
Filing cabinet
Cigarette lighter
Self opening garbage bin
Putting a charger into a phone
Using ignition on a gas stove
Rubbing talcum powder, perfume or aftershave on.
Cleaning a man’s electric razor
Doodling on a pad and putting the pen down
Dropping artificial sweetener into a cup
Pulling the the vacuum seal off a coffee jar
Using a pepper grinder
Pulling the ring on a can
Jumping in a sand pit
Clipping on a safety hat
Using a salt grinder on a boiled egg
Baggage carousel at Mascot airport
Removing a mobile phone from it’s case and plugging it in to charge
Using a hand held flour sifter
Using a ratchet strap to tie down a load
Tying up shoelaces
Opening a bottle of water and squeezing it
Unwrapping a chocolate bar
Rolling up papers with a rubber band
Unlocking a soap pump
Inserting an ink cartridge into a printer
Flames Crackling
Putting shoes into a shoebox
Pulling dental floss out of a pack and snapping the lid closed
Shaking popcorn in a bag
Breaking a block of chocolate
Writing on a blackboard and breaking the chalk
Organising your worksheets then putting on a bulldog clip
Using a spray bottle on plants
Plugging a charger into a computer
Opening a pack of tic tacs
Finger lickin’ after eating KFC
Removing the plastic from a chewing gum
Opening Tim Tams and sliding out the tray
Pulling out a paper towel and tearing it off
Unwrapping the plastic off a newspaper and screwing it up into a ball
Grant Denya rubbing his gold logie
Tearing foil off a roll
A pair of maracas
Folding paper, putting them in a brief case
Unlocking a door on a suitcase
Polishing shoes and putting the lid back on the tin
Clicking through a combination lock and opening it
Opening a zip lock bag
Pulling a paper towel from the dispenser
Using a soldering iron
Sweeping into int a plastic dust pan and tapping it
Licking your lips after eating something delicious
Putting your tongue on the top of your mouth
Snipping the lock on your wire door backwards and forwards
Peeling the plastic top off a honey jar
Cutting through a loaf of bread
A jukebox loading a record
Opening a door and getting out a teaspoon
Tearing off baking paper and laying it in a tray
Slipping a slide into a slide projector
Emptying the dust out of a vacuum cleaner and clicking the filter back in
Inserting a new  blade into a razor
Putting a battery into a remote control
Shaking down a sachet and then opening it
Folding a piece of paper and putting it into a self sealing envelope
Putting on a ski
Someone running and getting puffed out of breath
Pulling the tape out of a tape dispenser
Pressing the button on the top if a biro
Opening the latch on a garden shed
Brushing false teeth and putting them back in
Adjust a belt and pulling it through the buckle
Sliding a milk carton out of the fridge and opening it
Signing your name and dotting it
Opening a tub of 
Using a stapler
A cat scratching a cat pole
Buffing your nails
Sliding a bankcard into a wallet and clipping it closed
Washing your arms and wiping off the water
Wrapping and clipping an umbrella closed
Using a flint to start a fire
Squeezing a teabag with tongs
Clearing a paper jam in a printer
A gentleman putting on braces on his pants
A hand held flour sifter
Pulling up and locking in venetian blinds
Ejecting a DVD
Rubbing a Plastic Bag to Open It
Opening the clip of a two ringed binder
A carpenter sharpening his pencil
Wind Blowing on Vertical Blinds
Peeling open a blister pack
Removing plastic of a sauce bottle
A tagging gun
Wiping your feet on a door mat
Putting a petrol cap back on and closing the flap
Cracking the top off a boiled egg
Loading a photocopier and then paper dropping
Removing a tag from clothing
Cleaning a hairbrush
Opening a raw egg and cracking it into a bowl
Playing with Slime
A money counting machine
Cutting a loaf of bread and putting the knife down
Shuffling a pack of cards and dealing the first card
A stylus falling off a record
Using a felt pen and putting the cap back on
Scraping your feet on the hedgehog door stopper
Putting a new pillow case on a pillow
Retracting a tape measure
A washing machine at the end of its cycle
Placing a remote control back in a wall bracket
Manually opening a big old safe
Putting a plastic lid on a disposable coffee cup
Sliding your tongue against your teeth
Washing the floor with a mop
Writing on a whiteboard and putting the cap back on the pen
Using a dustpan
Using secateurs
Flossing your teeth
Pushing a dishwasher tab out of the blister pack
Pulling up elastic waste band pants and letting them go
Pealing open a tab on a cellophane pack
A carpenter planing a piece of wood and putting it into aperture
Putting something in a safe and closing it
Making a cup of tea and putting it down on the saucer
Putting a lid on a cappuccino 
Running a match along a matchbox and striking it
Pulling a cigarette light out of your pocket and lighting it
Snapping your fingers
Pulling vacuum cleaner chord out and letting it go
Pulling the ring on a ring pull tin
Fanning yourself with a fan and folding it
Loading an old fashioned tape recorder
Shredding nutmeg or chocolate
Replacing the head of a toothbrush
Putting a folding umbrella back in it’s case and clicking it into place
Grating a carrot
Puting a showers head back in the holder
Pulling a tissue out of a box
Releasing handle on a lounge chair recliner
Pushing a plastic utensil out of plastic wrapper
After beating something tapping the beater against the side of the bowl
Moving computer mouse and clicking it
Shaking sugarine out of container and clipping the lid shut
Taking pie or cake out of alfoil
Writing on paper with biro and then retracting the button on the biro.
Opening a packet of gum
Using garden clippers
Cleaning the inside of a bottle with a bottle brush
Shaking a container of hundreds and thousands and clipping on lid
Raking up leaves and grass
Filing papers in a filing cabinet
Hitting ice with ice pick
Turning on fluorescent tube light
Perpetual motion gadget on a desk
Pulling a tissue out of tissue box
Using a roll-on deodorant stick
Opening a pack of Tim-Tams
Sharpening a razor on a belt
Rain falling on leaves on a tree
Retractable tape measure
Unscrewing the top of the bottle
Opening a punnet of strawberries
Shop assistant rubbing plastic bag edges together to separate
Running a finger along the teeth of a comb
Pressing a pump on a lotion container
Playing a game of indoor golf
 Putting up an umbrella and clicking it into place 
Typing with an old fashioned typewriter
Supermarket ticket labeller
Tapping a morse code machine
Someone brushing their teeth or dentures
Dropping a handful of marbles into a bowl
Using a disposable razor and wiping it clean
Laying bricks then swiping off extra cement and then tapping with trowel
Opening box of glad wrap and pulling plastic along serrated edge
Putting on a bike helmet in and clipping it on
Plating cards and flicking them on to a table
Putting a bike on its stand
Pulling down a retractable seatbelt and clicking it into place
Putting on headphones and putting in the jack
Filling up espresso machine and closing shut
pulling up hair and tying with a band
pulling paper out of paper dispenser
Clipping visor on a bike helmet
Pulling headphones off and putting   in a table
Putting paper through ring binders and clipping shut
Shining an apple and taking a bite
Using a plunger to unblock a drain
Changing gears in a bike
Putting down a table or a bench
Plugging in a microphone into an amplifier
Hairdresser cutting hair
Handling a slow-release fertilizer container
Brushing off crumbs off your skirt
ATM counting out money
Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
Scratching your head
Struggling to rip off the plastic from the newspaper roll
Putting on gloves and clipping closed
Kid playing with magna-doodle
Rubbing together hands in rubber gloves then snapping off
Pouring milk into a coffee cup
Twisting the top off a sat and pepper shaker
Taping on an arm of portable typewriter
Putting a postage stamp on an envelope and then turning over and peeling the paper off the sticky strip and closing shut
Office Tape dispenser
Filling a clicking a stapler
Using a coin to play a scratchie
Using Chalk duster on a chalkboard and placing on the ledge
Rubbing back a Wall to prepare for painting
Chopping up a stick of celery
Putting card cash in wallet and snapping the press studs closed
Putting on a bike helmet and clipping strap
 Pulling Cup from
Cup dispenser next to a water bubbler
Putting bread into a toaster and pushing down button 3.grating cheese or carrot and pushing onto a plate
Adjusting strap on your helmet and pulling clasp shut
When I adjust my walking stick and it clicks into place
Cutting into an Apple 3.taking off a cap and readjusting the clip at the back
Putting a key card into an atm machine
Somebody tap dancing
Scraping mud from a shoe
Adjusting a strap on a saddle bag of a bike
Putting pages into a ring binder
Trimming a moustache with a scissors
Chopping a head of lettuce and putting a knife back in the board
Adjusting the legs on a shower chair
Turning a dial in a combination lock Using hedge clippers


 Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.

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