2CH Secret Sound

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2CH Secret Sound

Can you guess our Secret Sound? If you think you know what it is be listening weekdays to Indira Trevor at 7:15 and Ian Rogerson at 3:15 for your chance to win the cash jack pot ……

The Secret Sound jackpot grows every day that it’s not identified, starting at $500.

Thanks to the bathroom renovation experts Diploma Bathrooms, call Diploma for a free renovation quote on 96 29 27 33

Do you know what this sound is?

2CH – Recent Secret Sound Guesses.

Washing your hands
Scratching your scalp
Beating an egg in a bowl
Using sand paper
Taking cling wrap off something
Filing wood
Lift doors closing
A steel retractable measuring tape
Retracting a chord on a vacuum cleaner
Closing a fly screen door
Putting a slice of toast in a toaster
Pulling up or letting down a venetian blind
Opening or closing an umbrella
A windscreen wiper
A hair straightener
Having a sniff of your coffee
A slow closing drawer
Closing a window
Opening a drawer
Pulling a tissue out of a box
Sealing a sandwich bag
Grating cheese
Brushing teeth with a toothbrush
Running your hand over glass with a cloth
Rolling tobacco between your hands
Rubbing your hands together
Rubbing off a scratchy ticket
Counting money
Sharpening a tool on an oil stone

Thanks to Diploma Bathrooms.

CONGRATULATIONS SIMON!! Winner of the last secret sound jackpot of $8550!! Listen below

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