Waiting for Sunrise – Book Review

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Waiting for Sunrise – Book Review

Have you ever read a book that left you wondering and wandering…?

I read, I finished, I paced. I picked it up again, flipped through a few pages, re-read and put it down.

Intriguing is only part of it.

Waiting for Sunrise starts with a Brit in pre-war Vienna. Lysander is seeking a ‘cure’ from a Doctor who is an avid follower of Freud, so you can imagine the line it will take as Lysander; a gentrified actor, seeks an education within society’s boundaries.

I am by no means a prudent reader, but set in this era with such poetic wording, the confrontation of some of the situations were deliciously shocking. I was expecting something light like a Miss Marple mystery and instead got a story I was completely unprepared for.

Forced to flee false allegations Lysander ends up paying off his debt to the government with a few ‘investigations’. Yes, spying. Old school. What he uncovers, is more than a plot, it’s a master manipulation that will merrily lead you up the garden path and back.

William Boyd is a powerful storyteller with a stellar reputation, which was the only thing that really kept me reading, and once I finished I pondered, and tried to find the word that this story evoked.

Intriguing, confounding.

I’m sure … I’m sure that I’m going to read it again, and I’ll certainly be trying his others.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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